Olive Colored Jeggings

Olive Colored Jeggings



  • USD: $14
  • Original Price: $300 HKD
  • Brand: Uniqlo
  • Quality: Never worn
  • Size: M, UK 8

Why I Bought It 
I bought this when I was visiting Tokyo along with another one in checkered. It looked so nice and I thought the quality and stretchiness of the jeans were perfect. As another impulsive throw in my shopping bag, I didn't bother try it on. It was a bad decision on my part since it's a little tinsy bit too big for me. If only it was half a size smaller it would fit! :( 
The fabric is so soft and still manages to look firm. Most comfortable pair of jeggings I've tried on.  

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Payment and pick up will be in person (I actually get to meet you!) 
Pickups will be in either Hong Kong or Boston 
If you're not in any of these areas, but are still interested contact me anyways. We might be able to figure it out ;) 

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