Chevron Romper w/ Bow Back Detail - SOLD

Chevron Romper w/ Bow Back Detail - SOLD



  • USD: $20 
  • Original Price: $260 HKD
  • Brand: River Island
  • Quality: Worn once
  • Size: S, Size 8 

Why I Bought It
I absolutely love this romper. The moment I saw the back ribbon detail on the page of ASOS it was in my cart immediately. It looks just as cool in person as in photos, but there was one thing a bit wrong. Well, not with the romper, but with me.
I was never blessed in the boob department, so dancing or jumping around in this was a bit worrying. Other than that It fit perfectly fine, but c'mon, I can't be wearing this while running around doing weird stuff. 
Someone with a bigger chest than me (honestly, not a hard criteria) please take this cuteass romper home! It's way too cute to just be neglected. 


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Payment and pick up will be in person (I actually get to meet you!) 
Pickups will be in either Hong Kong or Boston 
If you're not in any of these areas, but are still interested contact me anyways. We might be able to figure it out ;) 

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