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Happy new year everyone!

Here's the first edition of what I like to call, brain food. Essentially a list of cool shit I findpodcasts, articles, photos—anything I find inspiring and interesting that you might also enjoy!



for the wide-eyed MILLENNIAL entrepreneur 

Generation Startup

A brutally honest, no BS peak into the lives of six recent grads who put everything on the line to build their own businesses. It's about failure, struggle, grit and success. I watched this on the plane from Vietnam to HK and it really resonated with me. It's also on Netflix


"From an outside perspective it's easy to think about entrepreneurship

in an incredibly romanticized view... but in reality, it's not fun." 


for the recent grad 

#RJANSWERS: How to make sure your voice is heard
Rebecca Jarvis, No Limits

Here's one that hits real close and is extremely relevant for recent or soon-to-be college graduates. Those who follow my Instagram stories are already familiar with how much I love Rebecca Jarvis's podcast, No Limits. This episode was no exception. Hear Rebecca give advice to a recent college grad!


"It seems like everyone around you has an idea what career to get in to—"

"—they're all lying!"


for when you're stuck in a creative rut

The Real Phillip Lim

Love love LOVE this interview of Phillip Lim, founder of fashion brand 3.1 Phillip Lim. To the creatives, art lovers, and those looking to work in the creative space, you might really enjoy this. 


"You shouldn't care what people think about you,

but you should care about how you affect people."


for when you want a good cry

Autumn is the hardest season
by Amanda Oliver

A short essay/reflection about love and loss. Made me tear up in the middle of a busy coffee-shop, so be warned. I found it on Human Parts, a publication on Medium I discovered recently.


“My girlfriend asked me where I got it…” he said, trailing off.

“Did you tell her I gave it to you?”


There you go! My top 4 links from the last month. Wishing everyone a proactive, fun, and successful month of January xx

Source: MAEKAN

Source: MAEKAN