Restaurant Sant Pau

Having already stuffed ourselves with enough sashimi and tempura to last a lifetime, we thought we'd take a little break from Japanese cuisine for a night. 

Following another recommendation, we arrived at Restaurant Sant Pau, a three-starred Michelin restaurant, for some Spanish fusion dining.

The outside of the restaurant was so beautiful! The peek into the restaurant's kitchen was also a really nice touch. 

Once we stepped inside the door we knew we were in for a treat. 

There were basically two rooms you had to go through to get to the main dining area. The first room was the reception desk and is where they checked our reservation. They took our coats and led us to the next room, which was the lounge area. After lounging and waiting for our table to be ready, they finally guided us through another set of really grand doors and into the dining area. It was pretty over the top, but neither my mom or me were complaining. 

Our table had the view of the Christmas decorations outside. 

We both decided on the set menu in order to try what's best. 

Every dish was so carefully served, all with very interesting flavours. 

Then the cheese platter got me excited... cause that meant dessert was slowly on it's way. 

We then realised there was three parts to dessert. This was called  'pre-dessert' on the menu. We weren't even at dessert yet!! 

Finally reached the last leg! More sauce pouring = me trying to take photos of it with the waiter asking every second if he was disturbing my photo-taking. Oops.

Aaaand, we weren't done. What came next was the long-awaited food masterpiece. A chocolate structure giving tribute to Spain's famous architect and artist, Antoni Gaudí.

It definitely captured the essence of Gaudí in dessert form. And to know the chef's made one of these structures for every table made it even more special. The care and work they put into each dish was amazing. 

After three hours of eating and watching my mom send photos of each dish to all her friends at home, we returned to our hotel and had a long snooze till morning.