Tokyo Weekend

I still had around three weeks to kill before everyone else returns home for winter break. After a nice start of break at home, I was looking for somewhere close and fun to travel to for a 5-day weekend trip. 

The two weeks after I returned from Australia consisted of my mom and I debating whether we should choose to visit our favorite vacation spot, Thailand, or take a shopping trip to Japan. Knowing that I'll have to stock up on some serious winter gear for Boston, I decided to spend our weekend in Tokyo!

The whole journey there was quite tiring since we journeyed overnight to make the most of our time. We locked up our two, mostly empty (we needed as much room as possible to hold the consequences of our shopping) suitcases, and took the 1am flight to 日本. 

It was the hardest thing getting off the plane at 6am with barely an hour sleep. Thank God there was a shuttle that took us from the airport straight to our hotel.

But hey! The journey continues. The hotel didn't let us check in until 2pm because they were fully booked the night before. So, we gave them our suitcases and did what we know best. Shop and eat. 

Our first lunch in Tokyo was spent at a classic Japanese sushi and rice fast-food place. Cramped with food that comes in less than five minutes. So perfect. 

Stuffed from all the Otoro and Salmon we hit up Uniqlo right as it opened. 

After our major shopping spree around the Shibuya area, we finally were able to check into our hotel for a deserved little nap.  

Photo Dec 04, 3 56 10 PM copy.jpg

Our view from our room.

We thought it as funny how the huge, lit-up advert would make any hour seem like it was daytime from our window. 

After rebooting in bed, we went out and headed to dinner,  stopping by a fruit store to pick up some fresh grapes and strawberries before closing time.

My moms friend recommended a restaurant called Kaikaya By The Sea, which is where we went for dinner. 

How cool is the way they designed the place! The restaurant was buzzing with a lot of locals as well as a surprising amount of who I would assume were foreign expats. 

We asked for the set meal so we get a bit of a surprise...

...and the set meal was a really really good decision. 

Although it was pretty exhausting, our first day in Tokyo was exactly what I wanted.