Hello From Down Under!

I'm starting my third week here in Melbourne and it's been quite the journey already. I'm adjusting well to the many cute cafés, vintage trinket stores and busy markets that line the streets of Melbourne. Since classes have started, my schedule has filled up quite a bit, giving me less time to roam the city and explore what this place has to offer. But, no fear! My evenings and weekends are usually free for my personal use.


On my second day here, my roommate (now basically my other half) Alexia and I decided to venture out from our dorms and look for the best study café for when we are full-blown college students. We didn't have to look far and was very impressed by the interior decor of our find.

The 2-story café is called Cafe Blac, and is usually visited by students and locals sipping coffees and indulging in the most beautiful sandwiches I've ever seen. But, what makes Cafe Blac a true hidden gem is what is on the level above.


The top floor is enough for any book-lover to want to visit every week. The ceilings are lined with books, with pages of stories hanging above your head as you eat. There are also shelves on the walls made from cut up novels.


Alexia and I both went for a chicken and avocado sandwich. Hands down one of the best sandwiches I've had. The fresh avocado and chicken was perfection.


I'm definitely going to be stopping by Cafe Blac a lot this semester. They have a courtyard which was not open when we were there so I'll be sure to check it out next time I walk by.