Bourbon and Frenchman Street

We were in line for ages, and I don't think we were even half-way. The line wrapped around the street, but we were determined to get seated. 

Where were we waiting a seat for? Acme Oyster House.

They had everything we wanted to try during our stay— Po'boys, chargrilled oysters, raw oysters, and gumbo. It also didn't hurt that they have a ton of glowing reviews on Yelp!

We expected a long wait—according to the reviews, the average wait at dinnertime is around 50 minutes. Come at off-hours if you want to avoid the crowd!

There were a lot of bigger groups ahead of us who delegated their friends to pick up daiquiris across the street to drink while waiting. We were on Bourbon Street after all...

The 40 minute mark hit and the hostess came out looking for 2 person parties. I D-I-E-D. Since it was just me and Kevin, we got pulled out of the line before all the groups and was able to get seated at the bar! The glares we got from the 30 people ahead of us made me even more eager to eat. Mwuahahaha. 

We got six raw oysters, and a dozen chargrilled. I recommend skipping the raw and going straight to chargrilled because it's so freaking good. 


Mmmm dinner was really satisfying. Gumbo was 10/10. The Po'boy was not bad. I'm not a huge fan of sandwiches so I was indifferent. 

After dinner we walked down the famous party street of New Orleans (Bourbon Street). It's just like I saw in the movies— hectic, loud, vibrant, and crazy. Everyone was dancing around, going in and out of bars, and holding pitchers of flavored daiquiris. It was great.  We made note that the next time we visit will be with a big crew of our favorite people. 

We found a sweet spot at the Cafe Beignet (a separate location from the day before). It was a bit chilly, and we were lucky to find a seat right next to the outdoor heaters!

Our drivers from the Uber rides we had earlier that day all recommended us to check out Frenchman Street. It's another long street full of live music bars, but much classier and away from the main tourist crowd. 

There was a cute open bazaar right next to the bar we wanted to check out— The Spotted Cat Music Club.

We bar hopped till late and eventually ended our night at cozy jazz lounge!